Zone 5


200 NTCH. Pearrow’s Cash River Red Rum       Randy Shook

100 NTCH. Oak’s Charlie Brown                          Brown/Harris

100 Sac River Tiny                                                Gayer Dixon

100 CH. Steve-O’s High Dollar Copper                Stan Morris

90 Lonesome Dove Lori                                         Brett Steven

80 Queen City Hooker                                           Delvon Lansdown

200 CHGRNITECH Mighty Bell                            LeLand Walles

180      CHNITECH Sac River Breeze                     Gayer Dixon

100       PR Inman’s Boss                                        Justin Inman

90  Moe Little Alley                                                  Scott Bishop

100 PR Reezen’s Wicked Nightmare                     Jeff Keating

90 CH Sac River Dolly                                         James H


SHOW  POINTS   ( Zone Show Winner Must Have 200 Points To Win Embroidered Jacket )

25 Pin Oak Mable                                                   Larry Brown / Hunter Harris

25 CH Backbone’s Kansas Bootlegger                   Donnie Craig

25  GRCH Lil Red Walnut Red Sea Annie             Vallen L  Nelson

25 Pin Oak Drum                                                    Larry Brown

50 CHNTCH. Sac River Breeze                             Gayer Dixon

25 NTCH. Pin Oak’s Charlie Brown                        Larry Brown

50 Dry Valley Wild N Sassy                                    Stan Morris

25 Layton’s Tri-Lakes Triple X                                Doug Layton

25 Table Rock Bill the Kid                                        Tammy Hawkins


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