Final Hunt Information

Congratulation’s to you and your hound,

You have earned enough points to be in the top ten in your zone. You are able to hunt MCHF Final hunt. It will be held Oct. 16 & 17, 2015 at Oak Hill Coon Club in Cole Camp, MO. There is a $45.00 Entry Fee to be sent to me by Sept. 30, 2015, After that date we will start calling next highest point dog in order to fill up entry’s. The hunt deadline is 8:00Pm. There will be award’s ceremony for all zone winner’s before we draw out the cast. The Prize Package will be announced at a later date. There will be 80 dog’s invited to the hunt. The top 16 cast winner’s with plus, minus, or zero will advance to Saturday. If not 16 cast winner’s next high scoring dog will advance. Friday night will be hunting judges, non hunting judges Saturday night. Also on the first round Saturday night if all dog’s are scratched in a cast, then it reverts back to Friday night’s score for the winner of the cast. Must have plus points to advance to final cast. Final cast will have 2 non-hunting judges serve as master of hound’s, their say is final. MCHF Official’s will have final say on any questions.

Deadline to enter Sept. 30, 2015– Please Print

Dog’s Name:



Send Reservation and $45.00 TO:

Tom Wilbers

7025 Ketterman Ln.

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Question call 417-989-0578 Sabrina Ray or 573-634-4433 Tom Wilbers.

Starting next week Board Members and Officers will start to call on the top 10. The points are updated so if you are in the top 10, then you can go ahead and send your money in to Tom. If he does not have money in hand on Sept 30 we will count you as not going and move on down the list.

Thank You and Good Luck,

Sabrina Ray