The Missouri State Hunt is the weekend we have a great Prize Package this year. Overall Hunt will receive a Garmin, a very nice Chair, and other prizes, Opposite Sex will receive a T5 Collar. King & Queen of show will receive a new show leash, chair, and a bench,  Overall water race will receive a chair, and leather jewel catch leash. First tree in final heat is State Water Champion. There are a bunch more prizes. All overall Hunt and show will receive dog food. Times are post below. Also to be eligible for prizes you have to be a Federation Member. Will have a meeting Saturday Night. Will be elections.

MO, Cole Camp; Missouri CH Federation Inc From Hwy. 65, take the east Hwy. 52 exit, (Cole Camp).Immediately after overpass, make right on south outer road. Go 1/4 mi. and turn left to Oak Hills Coon Club. Missouri State Championship Contact Tom Wilbers (573) 694-0111 or (573) 634-4433
Aug 28 BS 6:00pm, $20 Purina NH 2hr 8:30pm, $30 WR 7:00pm, $20
Aug 29 BS 4:30pm, $20 Purina NH 2hr 8:30pm, $30 WR 6:00pm, $20

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